You can order your contact lenses via e-mail (mail@goetteoptik.ch) or by phone (+41 (0)44 211 37 80). We can send the lenses to your home address via mail, or you can pick them up from Götte.

You can also use our free of charge SMS service. Before using the service, you must sign up by providing the following information: home address, mobile phone number and "normal contact lens order".

Once you have registered you can send us an SMS and we will send you the lenses to your home address within 2-3 days. Alternatively you can pick up the contact lenses from our store.

The details: send an SMS to +41 (0)76 601 29 00 with the follwing text:

"Lenses": we send the lenses to your home address within 2-3 working days.

Or:  "lenses, pick up": the lenses are ready to be picked up from Götte within 1-2 working days.